We are a small passionate team.

PMOtto.ai, your AI-powered assistant for all things Project Management, leverages the advanced GPT-4 model, integrating it with one of the industry's most comprehensive project management datasets.

The functionality of PMOtto.ai is designed around three layers. The foundation layer is rooted in GPT-4's large language models.

The second layer constitutes our unique project management layer. It's built on a dozen of thousands of resources, such as books, articles, templates, and use cases. Users that only need up to the second layer can access it at the OpenAI GPT store.

As our partnerships evolve, this layer will continuously expand, making it the most extensive repository of global project information across various project types. This breadth of knowledge is accessible to all our regular subscribers.

The third layer, the enterprise layer, is tailored specifically for organizations. It augments the existing two layers by allowing the incorporation of any organizational-specific project documents, historical data, methods, and other internal system data. This creates a bespoke PMOtto experience that is truly aligned with your organizational needs.

We prioritize security and confidentiality at PMOtto.ai. All your data is safeguarded by the robust security provisions of Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services OpenAI. Further, control over data access remains with your servers, ensuring the utmost privacy. We also develop the PMOtto.ai solution onsite using Large Language Model (LLMs) that are installed in the client infrastructure.

PMOtto.ai is not just an AI. It encapsulates the essence of generative artificial intelligence and natural language processing, enabling users to interact with it as they would with a senior project manager or a senior advisor.

Plus, the platform boasts the collective 50-year project experience of Ricardo Vargas and Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, whose content is already available in our beta version.
However, this is just a glimpse into the future potential of PMOtto.ai as the largest AI-based project management information repository.

Ultimately, PMOtto.ai is designed to bridge the gap between users and tools. It creates a conversation-friendly environment, promoting innovation, productivity, and time and resource efficiency.

With PMOtto.ai, you're not just using an application.

You are engaging with a knowledgeable project management companion.