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    Here's a project charter for your new home construction in Lisbon, Portugal:

    Project Name: Lisbon Home Construction

    Project Sponsor: [Your Name]

    Project Objective:

    To construct a 300 square meter, 3-pavement house in Lisbon, Portugal within a timeframe of 2 years and a budget of 400,000 euros.

    Project Scope:

    1. Designing the architecture and layout of the house
    2. Obtaining necessary permits and approvals for construction
    3. Site preparation and excavation
    4. Construction of the foundation, structure, and pavements
    5. Installation of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems
    6. Interior and exterior finishing
    7. Landscaping and exterior amenities

    Project Deliverables:

    1. Completed, ready-to-occupy 300 square meter, 3-pavement house
    2. Compliance with local building codes and regulations
    3. Documentation of permits, approvals, and inspections

    Project Milestones:

    1. Design approval
    2. Permit acquisition
    3. Site preparation completion
    4. Foundation and structure completion
    5. Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC installation completion
    6. Interior and exterior finishing completion
    7. Final inspection and occupancy permit

    Project Budget:

    Total budget allocated for the project is 400,000 euros.

    Project Schedule:

    The project will be completed within a 2-year timeframe, with specific milestones and deadlines to be established during the planning phase.

    Project Constraints:

    1. Budget: 400,000 euros
    2. Time: 2 years
    3. Location: Lisbon, Portugal
    4. Regulatory compliance

    Project Assumptions:

    1. Availability of skilled labor and construction materials
    2. Timely approval of permits and inspections
    3. No significant changes in building codes or regulations during the project
    4. No unforeseen circumstances that could delay construction or increase costs

    Project Risks:

    1. Delays in obtaining permits or approvals
    2. Unforeseen increases in construction material costs
    3. Labor shortages or strikes
    4. Weather-related delays
    5. Changes in building codes or regulations

    Please note that this is a high-level overview of the project charter, and more detailed planning and discussion will be required to fully develop the project plan.

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